Friday, July 30, 2010

Blog 6: Progress Report

Today i am writing to discuss a progress report for my group proposal project- Eaglepalooza. As with any project, each member is assinged a task which is appropriate to their specialty. I am in charge of oraganizing and contacting bands for our proposal.
Since i am submitting this posting late, i can actually discuss everything as of a finished project.
We created a battle of the band music event that would be hosted at the Southern Miss owned Lake Thoreau. This land is not being utilized to its potential, so we thought it would be a gret way for southern to profit off land that is not making any profit for the school right now.The proposal included details in the methods section as to how we would make the event a success, and the ends and outs in making the proposal functional and cost free to Southern.
We were able to demonstrate the ability to work together to acheive a common goal quite nicely. Everyone chipped in and did their part to ensure that we had a successful and persuasive propal. Matt desinged the webpage and put a lot of hard work and concentration into making it a very informed site, Jessica Dominquez and Shanise Posey and I worked on advertising costs, Timothy Seibel worked on the budget.
I think the final product of our proposal was a very succesful and creative one. I enjoyed brainstorming with my group and finding a common goal to raise money for Southern. We proved that our proposal is a feasible idea, and if properly orchestrated- could be a profitable one.
Cecily Hill made this course and the difficulty behind a typical internet class easily understable and functional. SHe responded to every email very promptly, and has an extraordinary amount of patience. The only complaint is that it is hard to get a group of five together at the same time- even on Skype.

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