Friday, July 30, 2010

Blog 5: Beginning the Job Search

As I have had a lot of interest in the pharmaceutical sales industry, I decided to check out a few jobs in this field. There were a good number of openings available, but I chose the ones I thought best suit me and what type of organization I want to work with.




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All qualifications for pharmaceutical sales jobs I found require one main concept all together- top of the line customer service. This entails a lot of different qualities though. For instance, customer service in pharmaceutical sales means you have to be able to meet the needs of physicians and the pharmaceutical company at the same time. You have to make sure purchase orders/ inventories are kept in a very organized, compiled manner. You also have to make sure orders are made on time to ensure that your clients have all the supplies they need on-hand and do not have to wait for anything! They need to have everything they need at their fingertips. Communication skills are a must! You have to be able to be clear on the client’s needs, wants, and desires and meet all their wishes in a timely, accurate fashion. You have to be able to sell new merchandise to physicians and answer every question/ concern they have. Physicians will be putting their patients health in jeopardy by using the product you would be selling them so you have to be very patient, accommodating, and knowledgeable on your products.
Being a pharmaceutical representative requires you to have some idea of medical terminology. Doctors are very professional people and they speak professionally and have their own language, in a way. Being pre exposed to this environment would allow a sales representative to easily blend into the medical setting.
I have acquired a lot of the qualities necessary to be a successful pharmaceutical representative. I have had over 6 years of experience in customer service and most of that experience was in management positions. This shows that I have a well rounded idea of what efficient costumer service entails. I also currently am employed by Forest General Hospital and work in surgery. I am around physicians and nurses all day and have acquired a good concept of medical terminology.
I chose Quintiles because they have an impeccable background, and were offering an entry level position. Seeing as though I have never been a pharmaceutical sales representative this is a great position for me to apply for. This is a feasible position that I am not under qualified for. Experience is not required in this position as it was in the other job listings.
They are the largest pharmaceutical sales company in the WORLD!! They are based in over 60 countries. This tells me that there is room to grow within the company. I could even travel to other areas of the world if I chose to. Their goal is to improve healthcare world-wide, and I admire that success and drive to be based so many countries.They also have a great employee satisfaction rate, which is something you do not get the pleasure of experiencing with every company. They have prided themselves on the effort that goes into thorough research of every product they market.
In my application process I would need to stress my customer service experience and knowledge. I would need to try to be very convincing at making myself stand out over the other applicants. As this is an entry level position not requiring years of experience, there will be many applicants so I would need to make sure my introduction in my cover letter stands out and is successful at catching the attention of who ever may read it. I also need to do this in a timely manner to make sure the position is not filled before I have the opportunity to apply.

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